Trusted and used by Australia’s most Acclaimed Beauty Professionals including, Plastic Surgeons, Dermal Therapists, Cosmetic Nurses and Beauty Therapists!

At ADURO Australia we are proud to introduce our FACIAL LIGHT THERAPY spa package opportunities.

Do you want to attract new customers to your business or expand your existing spa menu offering?

Are you looking for a home maintenance product for your clients to use at home after their initial in-salon treatment plan?

Either way, we have options to suit your needs and budget.

Introducing the Aduro Pro Salon and Personal at-home facial light therapy products and Collagen Mask treatments to your business is a great way to diversify your business offering and attract new clients that are more likely to make you their beauty provider of choice!

At Aduro Australia, we want you to achieve as much personal and financial success as possible.

Equipped with training tools and support to guide you, you will be well on your way to achieving a successful business in your own right!

Our Pro Salon LED mask offers you the ultimate LED facial treatments specifically focused on you as a Facialist.
Our Pro Salon mask can be split into 4 unique facial areas to offer every client a very unique and tailored LED facial every time!

Our professional salon masks enable you to target multiple skin concerns on different parts of the face.

This means you can use any of our 8 light wavelength options comprising both primary and secondary light wavelength options, including our near infrared Skin Booster across 4 unique areas being the face, eyes, nose and mouth area! Our Blue light across the mouth activates our cosmetic teeth whitening treatment as well as targeting hormonal breakouts on the chin and neck area.

Think….Red light on the face for anti-aging, Green light on the eyes to brighten dark circles, Cyan on the nose to break acne cycle, calm broken capillaries around the nose and reduce pore size and blue around the mouth area to break the acne cycle or whiten your clients smile using our PearlySmile Pro Salon Cosmetic Teeth Whitening System - all at the same time! (Teeth whitening exclusive to our Diamond Pro Salon Package)

Salons Love Our Professional LED Mask!

Our Pro Salon Mask In The Media


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We offer three main packages for our New Teams:

Option 1 – Professional Facial light therapy Device;
Option 2 – Platinum | Professional Collagen infused LED facials Package; and
Option 3 – Diamond | Professional Collagen infused LED facials & Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Package.

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